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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On A Mission.....

This year, I am "on a mission" …. literally! God has given me one of the greatest challenges I have ever dared to take on. This August I will lead my first mis-sion team into St. Petersburg, Russia. We will serve the abandoned children of Russia, along with the caretakers of Crisis Center #15 (Hannah’s Hands) , Orphanage #2 and Orphanage #60. Our mission is to be the loving and welcoming arms, to children during a time of great need!

To read more about Hannah’s Hands ministry, please visit:

Did you know:
It is currently estimated that Russia has 750 thousand orphans living within orphanages, and another 1.2 million orphans living on the streets?
 No other country has a higher rate of adult alcohol abuse, leading to a high rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in babies. At age 15 to 18, children are forced to leave the orphanages, they’re emancipated, with little or no formal schooling, very limited life skills, and no one to turn to for assis-tance. Within the first year of eman-cipation, 50% of these children will be involved in prostitution or crime, and another 30% are involved in drugs and alcohol.

An orphans life expectancy is 30 years old. In a country, with a population of 143 million, spanning 10 time zones, Russia’s orphan care sys-tem is as shaky as it’s economy.
Though I have been on many mission trips, to Mexico, Guatemala, India and Poland,  I have never before been the "leader" of the trip. The Great Commission, in Matthew 28:17, says "Therefore, Go and make disciples of all Nations".

I have heard the calling, and I will obeyNine of women are also obeying the calling....and will join me on this mission.  Three from Germany and 6 from cities around the United States.  Each of us was chosen by God for this trip, each with a gift to share with the team, to make us stronger.  Some may not know what gift they will bring, but I have learned over the years that EVERYONE plays an important role in each trip, and I look forward to sharing those gifts, and stories of how we each see God at work each day we are in Russia.

I will update each evening, when possible, during our 8 days.

Thanks for joining us on our mission!
for the Chapel Next Russia 2011 Mission Team